PCDOCK Monitor Stand

Youth Edition

Bluetooth 5.0

Dual-band WiFi

Four USB 3.2 Ports

Full-featured LED Strip

Monitor Stand

Metal Body

Dual-color Options for Mix and Match

Obsidian Black

Frost White

Enhance office comfort, display a professional perspective.

Our elevated design provides an ideal viewing angle and protects your neck, promoting a healthy sitting posture for effortless work.

Bending while working causes neck pain.

Working with an upright posture helps protect the cervical spine.
(Raise by 9cm)

Seamless integration of Bluetooth and WiFi significantly enhances performance.

Bluetooth 5.0 ensures stable transmission, coupled with a high-speed WiFi adapter for a clear advantage.

1.PCDOCK's Bluetooth adapter allows multiple devices to simultaneously pair and connect wirelessly for audio, voice, and mouse/keyboard operations, supporting up to 10 devices within a 20-meter obstacle-free transmission range.

2.Desktop computers easily achieve wireless internet access with a built-in dual-band wireless card, using the latest 802.11ac wireless transmission protocol for faster and more stable performance than regular wireless cards.

Expand to four ports, lightning-fast transmission.

Dual Type-A and dual Type-C 3.2 expansion dock charges mobile devices. Each port supports up to 5Gbps file transfer speed, effortlessly connecting devices like keyboards, mice, hard drives, USB drives, graphic tablets, printers, and more. Enjoy seamless use anytime, anywhere!

USB Type-C 3.2 GEN Port*2
(5Gbps transmission rate)
USB Type-A 3.2 GEN Port*2
(5Gbps transmission rate)

PS:The above data is obtained from LANQ laboratory testing

Vibrant and dynamic, guided by your whims.

Smart linked lighting effects, whether it's watching a movie or playing games, synchronize with the screen, providing you with an immersive visual feast. Turn your computer desk into a stage and indulge in the charm of light and shadow.

Upgrade in lighting effects, control for a new lighting experience.

Light Control 1st Generation Stand 2nd Generation Stand
Remote control Remote control
Smartphone app control support
Computer software control support
Light Effects Remote turns lights on/off Automatically turns lights on/off with host startup
Customizable colors
Various scene options, including breathing lights
Ability to compile custom scene light effects
Automatically adjusts with screen changes
Syncs with music rhythm

Sturdy Stand, Powerful Load-Bearing

The stand's feet are made of high-hardness ABS material, tough, pressure-resistant, and not easily deformed, effortlessly bearing up to 30 KG. It provides reliable support, allowing you to carry heavy loads without worry and enjoy robust support.

Wider and Longer for Easy Storage

The height-adjustable stand provides additional storage space at the bottom, allowing you to store the keyboard and mouse while showcasing speakers, action figures, and decorations, adding uniqueness to your desktop. With its wider and longer design, it effortlessly creates an organized space.

Clever Cable Management for Neatness

The bottom cable groove effortlessly organizes desktop cables, creating a clean and orderly workspace. Bid farewell to the hassle of messy cables, providing you with a more comfortable and efficient experience.

Product Information

Product Name
Multi-functional Monitor Riser
Fingerprint Unlock/15W Wireless Charging/Bluetooth Module/Wireless Module/Smart Lighting Effects/Four-port 3.2 Expansion Dock/Monitor Riser/Bottom Storage
Panel Material
Leg Material
Engineering-Grade Plastic

Version Comparison

Model Core Features
Style Four-port Expansion Dock
(3.2 Interface)
Bluetooth 5.0 Dual-band Gigabit WiFi Divine Light Sync
Simplified Edition Long Version
Short Version
Youth Edition Long Version
Short Version
Youth PLUS Edition Long Version
Short Version

Product Packaging

Purchase Guide

Purchase Recommendations: For computer desks with a length between 1100mm and 900mm, we suggest choosing the PLUS model.
For computer desks with a length above 1200mm, we recommend selecting the MAX model.
The provided lengths are reference limits; actual choices should be based on the usage environment.

MAX Model Player's Return Image Reference

PLUS Model Player's Return Image Reference

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How do I connect the monitor riser to the computer?

Connect the USB 3.2 data cable to the USB port on your desktop motherboard or laptop. This allows you to use all the features of the monitor riser, such as fingerprint unlocking.

2.Why are white more expensive?

White are custom options featuring a glossy automotive paint finish, while black uses a matte electrostatic spray process. The automotive paint process is intricate, resulting in a lower yield and higher costs, placing it in a higher price category.

3.How to choose the size?

Choose the size based on your desk. A larger size offers more storage space and a better appearance. For a 120cm desk with a 27-inch monitor, choose the 88cm size. For a 34-inch monitor, the 1.1m size is recommended for a more appealing look.

4.What is the purpose of WiFi and Bluetooth?

High-end motherboards often come with built-in WiFi and Bluetooth. If your desktop already has these features, you don't need to choose the version with WiFi and Bluetooth. WiFi enables wireless connection to your home router for network access and hotspot functionality in Windows. Bluetooth allows wireless connections to devices like speakers and printers, and it enables the dynamic lock feature in Windows settings.

5.What is the difference between the Standard Edition and the Divine Light Edition?

The Standard Edition has RGB lighting controlled by a remote, while the Divine Light Edition, equipped with a built-in microprocessor, allows control via both a remote and computer software. It also supports mobile app control, offering additional features like sound and light rhythm modes and screen light interaction, which the Standard Edition lacks.

6.What additional accessories come with the Divine Light Edition?

The Divine Light Edition allows for the synchronization of the entire desktop lighting. The officially customized monitor backlight strip has a length of 2 meters (optional). If your monitor has a mechanical arm installed, you may need to choose the optional extended connection cable for the backlight strip.

7.Why doesn't it support suspended monitors?

The width of our riser is 22 cm. For suspended-leg monitors, we recommend using our riser with a configured mechanical arm.

Before purchasing, it's advisable to consult customer service, providing a photo of your desk for recommendations. They can offer valuable advice on desk setup and other related products.